Tips From the Top!

Getting married is a REALLY big deal, so just in case you need it, here are a few tips from the top!

- Send one invitation set per household, rather than one per guest.

- We recommend you order an additional 5 pieces of any bespoke/personalised items without guests names printed on. Weddings often have last minute or unexpected changes, and reprints for personalised/bespoke items have to start at a 50 pc minimum due to their labour intensive nature. Therefore it is much more cost effective to order a few extra up front, and hand write guest names if necessary.

- Order of the Day and/or Order of Service can be shared between two guests depending on your budget, you may not require one per person.

- Brides-to-be normally send invitations 8-10 weeks before the wedding date, or 12-16 weeks before if you are getting married abroad so guests can make travel bookings.

- Check our stationery delivery to you will be made in enough time, if you are at all concerned please call or email us and we will try our best to push the printing process through more quickly, we can arrange an express delivery service too.

- The colour on screen can be different to the actual printed sample. We recommend buying printed samples from us before you place your order. Please refer to this for a colour proof.

Bits & Bobs most Brides will need…

For the Post:

Save the Date Cards - Send these out as soon as you have booked your venue, so your guests keep the date free!

Invitations - Obviously! The first page announces the names of the bride & groom, date, time and venue of the wedding. The second page is for additional and practical information it shows accomodation information, dress code if applicable and gift list registry etc. The third page is a self-addressed RSVP so you know exactly who’ll be joining you and who sadly cannot make it :(

Thank You Cards  - It’s always polite to say thank you so, thank your guests for coming and for any gifts they have generously bestowed upon you.

On the Day:

Order of Service - A small booklet outlining the sequence of the marriage service, any readings, hymns, prayers, etc. Hymns should to be written in full so everyone can join in, whilst readings/prayers can be either written in full, or just have the title and the name of the reader.

Order of the Day - for those not wanting a detailed Order of Service, this allows you to welcome your guests to your Big Day, and let them know the order of events.

Table Plan - An essential item to avoid complete chaos when seating your guests for dinner, and to ensure that your Granny doesn’t inadvertently end up sat at a table with all your fiancés raucous rugby squad mates! This is displayed near the entrance of the dinner area or it’s a good idea to have the table plan on display where the guests are having pre-dinner drinks, so they can look at where they are sitting in advance. This avoids a stampede for the table plan when trying to get a large number of guests seated in a short space of time.

Table Names or Numbers - Identifies each table easily, to make it easier and quicker for your guests to find their seat. For small tables you will just need one per table, but of you have long banqueting tables you will probably need two or three per table.

Place cards - this should be placed at each table setting and have the name of the guest on it.

Menu - This lets your guests know what culinary delights they will be gorging on, as well as the wine choices. These can either be one or two per table, or one per place setting with the guests name, doubling up as a place card.

Guest Book/Wishes - This is so that your guests can leave a nice message for you. The idea is a guest book that everyone writes in, but see our Guest Book ideas for something a bit different.

Signage - Signs can be used for a myriad of things; welcoming your guests to your venue, to direct them to a bar, toilet, guest book, candy bar or a photo booth for example.