Otaduy Joy!

Posted on May 20, 2016 by Katie Diacon | 0 Comments

We were blown away by Otaduy atelier! Without doubt, the most fun, pleasurable and unpretentious dress shopping experience we’ve ever had. At the door of a North London terrace we were greeted by Lidia, sister of Otaduy dress designer, she’s incredibly warm and friendly and knows every piece in the showroom intimately.

Dresses with intricate lace and accessories hang whimsically from branches. Each dress from the Spanish designer has a musical influence, each piece inspired and named after an equally cool musician - Jane Birkin, Feist, Sia, and Rihanna.

Sheer boho style dresses sit comfortably along-side more structured contemporary gowns, the signature Otaduy originality is nothing short of genius!

Lidia is an absolute credit to the brand, she’s knowledgeable, practical and intuitive, she very quickly understood the needs of my dear friend Amy the Bride-to-be. Lidia worked really hard showing us the benefits of a ‘2 piece’ and different ways to style and accessorise your look throughout the day, her energy left us feeling invigorated and energised!

There are so many different cuts to try. If you're at the beginning of your dress journey make sure you head over to Otaduy and pick up some style tips before hopefully making a purchase! 

SO much love for this brand, we heart Otaduy.



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