Creations - Thermography Wedding Invitations

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 "What are Thermographed wedding invitations?"


Thermography is the process of raising text and details above the surface of paper. As the invitation is printed and whilst the ink is still wet, a special powder is sprinkled over the surface of the sheet. The powder sticks to the wet ink and then when the sheet is passed under intense heat (hence the 'thermo' part of the name) the powder swells taking the ink with it to give the raised effect.

 Our Thermographic Invitations produce an exciting and sensual feel, delighting your guests. Such classic detailing will always stand the test of time!


 Parchment Wallet - Luxurious gold

The antique beauty of this vellum parchment style card is echoed in the raised gold of the lettering and deckled edges. The elegant monogram combining the initials of the bride and groom recalls by gone days when couriers carried important messages to distant parts of the land.

Perfect invitations for historic venues and Castle weddings. We hope you agree.


Raised text is produced on the insert of our Parchment wallet design as well as the outer envelope cover- very luxurious.

Castle Wedding venues can be both romantic and intriguing and there are so many Castle locations around the UK. So many stunning settings with historic architecture creating wonderful photo opportunities. "A fairy tale vision or elegant grandeur" - you can be transported back in time with your guests when celebrating your special day.

Cardiff Castle Wedding Invitation

It was a pleasure working with our clients Rebecca and Michael helping them to design and produce these sumptuous and stunning invitations.It is not just the tactile feel of the raised text or motif that make these invitations so interesting , but also the bespoke illustration of the venue we are were to reproduce and incorporate into this design.

Over the years we have produced many bespoke illustrations for our clients using a variety of techniques. I shall be sharing these with you in a forthcoming "Creations" blog very soon,






Preparing for The National Wedding Show 2018!

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We've been very busy preparing for The National Wedding Show 2018 at Olympia, London next week 21-23 Sep -  Find us on stand G1. 

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Balcombe Place - Wedding styling shoot.

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We were delighted to collaborate with Susie Evans at on this sumptuous wedding styling shoot at Balcombe Place, Country House and Wedding Venue, Sussex.


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Creative designs - past and present.

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Creations! , Creations! , Creations!

There are many exciting creations and designs in the world of weddings for  couples to explore when planning their big day!

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Otaduy Joy!

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We were blown away by Otaduy atelier! Without doubt, the most fun, pleasurable and unpretentious dress shopping experience we’ve ever had.

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Autumnal Wreath Making Workshop with Blue Sky Flowers

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Quick! Make a wonderful autumnal wreath before all the leaves fall!

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Brides the Show AW15

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If you missed Condé Nast's Brides the Show here are a few highlights. We didn't get out that much thanks to you and our busy little stand but here are a few things we did see!

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